Message Sent

Message Sent is a video created by the students of Yo Puedo based on a comic by Shi Briggs regarding the repercussions of sexting.

Check it out by clicking here: Message Sent or going to this URL: .


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The Art

Here are the students’ masterpieces.

A collection of the artwork.

By: Luis Leon

Title: “Shared Memories”

Description: The important thing is the time together and what you’ve both been through. Together you can look back at all your shared memories and remember all the good times.

By: Vernice Mendez

Title: “Future Love”

Description: People have really messed up Earth. I am hopeful in the future, with love, we can become peaceful.

By: Ines Lorenzo
Title: “Growing Together”
Description: Love is two people always together and growing together.

By: Cinthia Baca Valenzuela
Title: “Strong Roots Make Your Love Bloom”
Description: The heart is like a flower with roots. To grow strong, your heart needs to be nourished with love and proceed through the cycles of life just like a flower.

By: Dominga Grave
Title: “Summer Love”
Description: Love is supposed to be beautiful and free like a summer day.

By: Axel Dorantes
Title: “The Right Key”
Description: The right key for the right lock. It is important to take time to find the right partner. Only with the right partner can you unlock those secrets.

By: Diego Garcia
Title: “Continuous Love Distortion”
Description: Relationships are like books still being written. Starts with a blank page and moves forward. Opposites working together, over time, continuously.

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The Students

The art was created by a dedicated group of Yo Puedo students from various Grand Rapids Public Schools.

The students worked with artist, Alynn Guerra, throughout the week. First the students sketched images they wanted to print.

The students worked very hard on their sketches.

Then the students copied their sketches onto linoleum print blocks.

Next the students had to carve their pictures out of the print blocks.

Carving out the pictures took a lot of time and attention to detail.

The students rolled ink on their carvings before putting them through the print press.

The students learned from Alynn how to put their art through the manual print press.

The students displaying some of their artwork.

Drying artwork.

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Spring Break 2011

We created art in a sweet studio located downtown Grand Rapids. It was an old factory that has been refurbished into art studios.

After entering the building, we had to climb up a rather hidden stairway. (There was also an elevator if we needed it.)

The entrance into the studio was a big red door.

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Words about relationships

Yo Puedo is a year long program for Latino youth in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Yo Puedo students attend weekly meetings, learn about different topics like college admission requirements, drug and alcohol prevention, healthy relationship skills (Safe Dates Program), Latino culture, and lots of other things. Students work on community projects, visit local colleges, and attend social events together. Each year, Yo Puedo does a spring break project. This year’s spring break project had the theme of dating violence prevention and students used the Photovoice model to visually express their feelings about violence in relationships.  To come up with themes and ideas for the Photovoice project, Yo Puedo students brainstormed a list of words that they would use to describe the good and bad parts of being in a dating relationship. They used this list of words as the themes in many of their photographs.

Negative word associations with relationships:

  • Alone
  • Anger
  • Abandoned
  • Deserted
  • Lonely
  • Temporary
  • Intimidation
  • Shame
  • Regret

The students also came up with a list of positive word associations about relationships.

  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Understanding
  • Dating
  • Support
  • Freedom
  • Hope

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This window represents freedom.  Freedom from a bad relationship. There is always a way out.

By: David

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The longest journey starts with a step.

People take different steps which affects the way a person lives. The question is – Was That Step The Right One? Sometimes we find ourselves taking the wrong steps. Taking the wrong step in a relationship can lead to different types of violent situations and result in problems in our lives.

By: Carlos

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Faith Matters!!!

Faith is my protective factor. My faith teach me how to respect my loved ones.  My faith can lead to happiness, but only if you want it to.

By: Derek

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Regret is a word that many people use, but really don’t know the meaning. When someone regrets something done in a relationship, they will feel sad about the loss or absence of their loved one.  Sometimes, we find ourselves in regret when we’re in love.

By: Carlos

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