The Art

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Here are the students’ masterpieces.

A collection of the artwork.

By: Luis Leon

Title: “Shared Memories”

Description: The important thing is the time together and what you’ve both been through. Together you can look back at all your shared memories and remember all the good times.

By: Vernice Mendez

Title: “Future Love”

Description: People have really messed up Earth. I am hopeful in the future, with love, we can become peaceful.

By: Ines Lorenzo
Title: “Growing Together”
Description: Love is two people always together and growing together.

By: Cinthia Baca Valenzuela
Title: “Strong Roots Make Your Love Bloom”
Description: The heart is like a flower with roots. To grow strong, your heart needs to be nourished with love and proceed through the cycles of life just like a flower.

By: Dominga Grave
Title: “Summer Love”
Description: Love is supposed to be beautiful and free like a summer day.

By: Axel Dorantes
Title: “The Right Key”
Description: The right key for the right lock. It is important to take time to find the right partner. Only with the right partner can you unlock those secrets.

By: Diego Garcia
Title: “Continuous Love Distortion”
Description: Relationships are like books still being written. Starts with a blank page and moves forward. Opposites working together, over time, continuously.

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